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The Free-Speech Superstar

You better let me star in your movies, shows, and events.

I am famous, so if you still do not know me than either the media has blacked me out again, I was on TV when your screen was all black, or I was on TV during a power surge or blackout.

Joseph Carrillo sings, acts, and performs, in public and has ran for political office multiple times usually on the environmentalist platforms. To Joseph Carrillo everyone is equal and there is no such thing as an american social class system. Joseph Carrillo also believes in open media with public access for anyone. The rich shall not drown out the voice of the poor. Truth be told Joseph Carrillo is more gifted and talented than other A-listers, and may possibly be the only Communist Superstar in the United States of America. Joseph Carrillo thinks the culture would be better without oil, greed, and big business. Joseph Carrillo is also against the social class system and considers everyone equal, even celebrities. Joseph Carrillo has many talents, skills, and interests.